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Oтражающей нить /Coats signal HD/ "Silver" 500m катушка - Pаспродажа склада!

39.00 € 12.00 €
Вы экономите: 27.00 € (70%)
Код товара (SKU) :  SFV5025-SILVR
Есть на складе: 4
Attention! This product can damage Your sewingmashine.    
Lenght: 500m
Average strength  1,300 CN
Main uses - Signal HD is intended for use in embroidery sewing on footwear materials

Coats Signal is a high-tech thread that combines the tenacity of a nylon filament cover with a retro-reflective core with excellent strength and durability
Bonding technology that safeguards against ply untwisting in multi directional sewing
Lubricated finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing
Retains maximum reflectivity after sewing
The daytime colour is silver and when illuminated by light the reflected colour is white
Enhanced retro-reflectivity visibility when illuminated by a light source

Made in EU


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