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Floss-organiser/ Pako

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The Floss Organizer is exceptionally handy for projects requiring multiple colors and types of threads. A removable card enables you to mark the color codes. This is a must have tool for projects with large quantities of threads or floss. 

Organizer comes with 10 color cards.



Take a blank code-card and draw the colour codes of the intended embroidery in the panels (1 colour code with possibly the back stitch code per panel).

The easiest way is to keep to the same sequence as given in the diagram/the instructions. Move the code-card into the floss-organiser holder. Now the yar can be assorted and fastened (see picture 1,2 and 3). If the pin does not hold too much yarn, you can as well divide the yarn in the floss-organiser (see picture 4 and 5). Make sure that the yarn does not remain crimped under the foam after having been divided. This floss-organiser helps to keep control. Te yarn can be fastenes/taken off easily.


Additional cards available for separate purchase (700.925).


Made in Holland


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