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Paper padded pockets, brown "SU20", 345 x 470 mm, 10 pcs

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Product code (SKU):  SU1520/10
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Material: paper

External dimensions: 365 x 470 mm
Internal dimensions345 x 470 mm


SUMO® are made from the outside of 90g/m2 brown kraft paper and filled with shredded shock-absorbing recycling paper. The inner layer is made of 90gsm brown kraft paper. A special paper filling and a 3-layer strong construction protects the shipment against damage.

With an HK closing flap.


The paper manufacturer in the production process (recycling of waste paper) maintains standards, thanks to which SUMO pockets are 100% free of chlorine. Chlorine was not used to bleach the pulp from which the paper was made.


After use, the envelopes can be disposed of in the waste paper container without any additional operations, because they are made entirely of paper, so they are 100% recyclable! If it gets into a rubbish dump or the natural environment, it does not poison water, it decomposes quickly, and is fully biodegradable.


Packaging is especially popular in e-commerce, delivering goods to the customer via parcel terminals.


Made in European Uninon



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